Crucial Dread


CD/Record Review in Playgrounds Magazine:

For those of you who caught this top-flight Atlanta band at the Riverfest last year, good news, they are alive and kicking and getting serious. Reggae Rocker Stylee is their first album and it contains nada but original material. Singer/songwriter, Garret Factory & Co. put this together over a year's time, and it shows the full promise of the band. The CD contains over 60 minutes of versatile Island vibe.

Billing themselves as a Roots-Rock-Reggae band they have incorporated all these elements and more. "Crucially Mystical Dub" is reggae as Windham records might do it, a little on the spacey side. The other instrumental is "One Planet", a highly enjoyable East meets West bounce with African log drums added for flavoring. Reggae is based on the spiritualism of the Islands and the band pays it's respect with two roots reggae numbers "Sing Jah Praises" and "Jah Will Be Done". Both are soft and easy offerings. "Reggaefied" is a unique combination of jazz and hip hop that will have you swaying to the breeze. Overall this is a light dance with a gentle spirit. Not all is laid back however "You're My Specialist" is a ripping Soca tribute to that person in your life that has your number. If you really want to get that beat, be sure to listen to "Take Me Back To Jamaica" and let Calypso flow through those veins.

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In the meantime pick-up this CD at The Loft, or just go up and ask them to play it for you.

Mr. Hawaii, Playgrounds Magazine
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