Crucial Dread




This combo has earned it's place as one of the top reggae acts in Georgia
by mixing originals with classics..."
Doug Hamilton, Atlanta Journal/Constitution

"This hometown roots-rock-reggae band's performance remains powerful and inspired!"
Annette Johnson, Dekalb News/Era

"I was impressed by the way they drew the crowd to it's collective feet swaying to the island beat.
This is a polished group and they are sure to please!"
Hawaii, Playgrounds Magazine/Columbus, GA

"Check out an incredible reggae band, Crucial Dread!"
DJ - Axel, 99X-FM Radio Atlanta, GA

"You guys have the sound of an authentic roots reggae band; your irie music has me feeling
like I'm in Jamaica in Yard!"
Terry MacMillan - Author/How Stella Got Her Groove Back, & others

"The CD album by Crucial Dread is awesome, I listen to it very often! If you're stuck in traffic,
you'll want it in your car Cd player."
Crash Clark, WXIA - 11Alive News - Atlanta, GA

"I only book the brand names. Crucial Dread is one of the best brand names in the Southeast US."
Sean Morse (GM) - American Pie/Atlanta, GA

"Whenever I see this band play live; they always pack the dancefloor, and have the people moving
all night long!"
DJ - Sister D, WRAS - FM Radio Atlanta, GA

Reggae - SocaCalypso - Dancehall

CRUCIAL DREAD consists of veteran members from top pro reggae bands. At one time or another, each band member has performed with national and international artists/& bands. The group has expanded it's list of venues to include regional travel and concert appearances. Crucial Dread Reggae Band has continued to present their authentic rootsy sound and breezy style of the West Indies. Their emphasis consists of mashin' it up every time! More and more audiences worldwide are turning to the dance grooves of reggae and worldbeat music, as it is music with meaning and positive vibrations! Through your support with purchases of CDs & T-shirts, will help Crucial Dread continue to perform shows and work in studio on new releases.

America's most rockin' roots-reggae band Crucial Dread invites you to "Come Dance and Sing Praises!"

The Family of Crucial Dread Band

The music of CRUCIAL DREAD is a mixture of roots-rock-reggae styles with elements of Caribbean dancehall, lover's rock, soul, funk, soca, calypso, and surprises! Atlanta's Premier roots-rock-reggae possee CRUCIAL DREAD REGGAE BAND has performed throughout the Southeastern U.S. for many years building a strong following! The word on the street about the energetic Live Show will suggest that you wear your dancing shoes to the engagements!

Crucial Dread Reggae Band:

Bevin Nelson (Jamaica) - vocals & keyboards
Garret Factory (Texas) - vocals & guitars
Anthony Denmark (St Thomas, VI) - vocals & bass
D. 'K Bassy' Green (New York) - vocals & bass
Mick Dundey (Georgia) vocals & drums
Mel Lightfoot (Georgia) - vocals & drums
Reggie Mac (Georgia) - vocals & percussions
Khaleeq Hodari (Florida) - congas & percussions
Tim 'Smitty' Smith (Florida) - vocals & percussions
Mark 'Dream' Weaver (California) - vocals & percussions
Reid Binion (Georgia) - saxophone
Kevin Carwile (Georgia) - saxophone
Chris Cermak (Georgia) - trombone
Jay Wonder (Georgia) - trumpet

Crucial Dread original music

The Band has taken its music to a more serious level by releasing their debut CD 'Reggae Rocker Stylee' on Interchange Records in Atlanta, GA USA. The 60 minute CD consists of 12 original songs which present the Band's diversity of styles: reggae, soca, calypso, dub, dancehall & rockers! The CD has been digitally remastered to achieve excellent sound quality. Since it's debut, the CD has gained favorable reviews, along with radio airplay from Atlanta's WRAS - 88.5 FM, WREK - 91.1 FM, WNNX - 99X FM, WRFG, Atlanta Public Radio, and other global radio shows.

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